Rafael secures an $80 million contract in Asia for a suite of naval warfare systems

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Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. announced earlier today that it has been awarded an approximately $80 million contract to supply a comprehensive naval warfare systems suite for Israel Shipyards’ Shaldag Mk V Fast Attack Crafts to an undisclosed Southeast Asian country, Rafael announced via Linkedin.

Rafael will provide its advanced naval warfare systems suite, which includes a Combat Management System, #Typhoon & Mini-Typhoon Remote Operating Weapon Systems, Naval #SPIKE Missiles, Sea-Com Internal Communication System, and #BNET Tactical Data Link, as well as other components, with full maintenance & support services over the course of the three-year contract.

Naval Post previously reported that the Philippine Navy (PN) would acquire eight Israeli Shipyard Ltd Shaldag-class patrol boats to replace the “PKMs” it is using for maritime interdiction operations.

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Check out Naval Library App to find out the specifications of the Shaldag Mk V Fast Attack Crafts.

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