Chinese Navy decommissions Type 053H1 frigate Zhaotong

Type 053H1 frigate
Photo courtesy of China Military

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy decommissioned the Type 053H1-class guided-missile frigate, Zhaotong (pennant number: 555), with a ceremony held in Yulin Naval Base on April 26.

Independently designed and built by China, the Zhaotong (Hull 555) was commissioned to the PLA Navy in 1987 and had served for 34 years. After decommissioning, the ship will be handed over to Dalian Naval Academy for training purposes.

According to the naval base in the PLA Southern Theater Command, Frigate Zhaotong has performed a series of major training missions, covering a range of more than 230,000 nautical miles. It has experienced the baptism of super typhoons, witnessed the stormy waves of the Indian Ocean, and guarded the Xisha, Nansha Islands.

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Type 053H1 frigates:

The Type 053 frigates were a family of Chinese ships that served with the People’s Liberation Army Navy Surface Force, and a small number of foreign navies.

The ships are 103 meters long and has 1900 tons of displacement. Powered by two diesel engines, the Type 053H1 frigates are capable to sail up to 26 knots.

The initial design was armed with four SY-1 anti-ship missiles in two twin-missile box launchers, two single 100 mm. guns, six twin 37mm guns, depth charges and short-range ASW rockets.

Improved Type 053H with newer electronics, engine, and replenishment equipment. The sonar for Jianghu-II is SJD-5, which is a Chinese development of Soviet Tamir-11 (MG-11), (NATO reporting name Stag Hoof), with transistors replacing vacuum tubes in the original Soviet MG-11. Armed with six SY-2 in two triple-box launchers.

The Zhaotong was modified with more advanced systems as a test bed. PL-9C SAMs were added to its 37mm AA gun mounts.

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