Philippine Navy to procure Shaldag Mk V patrol crafts from Israel Shipyards

shaldag mk V
Photo courtesy of Israel Shipyards

Philippine Navy signs deal with Israel Shipyards for procurement of 8 SHALDAG MK V class patrol boats.

Israel Shipyards has won a tender to supply its SHALDAG MK V to the Philippines Navy, the company announced via Linkedin. Though newly announced, the Notice of Award (NOA) was inked on 04 January 2021.

The Agreement, which was signed between Israel Shipyards, the Israeli Ministry of Defense, and the Philippines Navy, covering the fast attack craft platforms and upgrade of Philippines’ Cavite Naval Shipyard, was awarded to Israel Shipyards for US$127,900,000.00 for the supply of 8 Shaldag Mk V fast attack crafts (FAC).

Another deal in accordance with patrol procurement covers weapon systems and missile ammunition was awarded to Rafael Advanced Systems Ltd for $79,379,995.00 for the supply of Typhoon and Mini Typhoon RCWS for all FACs, and Typhoon-MLS NLOS and Spike NLOS missiles for 4 of the FACs.

Israel Shipyards will also conduct training at the customer’s facility regarding the construction as well as maintenance of the vessel.

Eitan Zucker, the company’s CEO, said “We are to greatly value the opportunity to supply a comprehensive service to our customers worldwide, and thankful for the fruitful cooperation with the Ministry of Defense and the customer.”

The Shaldag Mk. V is being touted as the replacement for the ageing Tomas Batilo-class (South Korean Chamsuri-class) fast attack crafts, which the PN has started to gradually retire. While the Tomas Batilo-class are larger, they are armed only with guns and were designed to fight heavily-armed North Korean gunboats along the North-South Korean sea border.

Shaldag Mk V Fast Patrol Craft:

The Shaldag Class’ largest family member is a combat-proven, all-aluminium, light and fast vessel with higher payload capacity, designed for naval security missions. The Shaldag MK V, as with all members of the Shaldag Class, provides a high level of manoeuvrability and seakeeping. Designed to operate in distant areas, it is cost-effective with a high firepower-to-displacement ratio. The MK V is a recognized leader in the protection of littoral and EEZ waters.


  • LOA (Length Over All): 32.65m
  • Beam Max.: 6.20m
  • Displacement: About 95tons
  • Max Speed: above 40knots
  • Range @ 12knots: 1000NM

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