Pakistan Navy Flotilla visited Muscat Oman

Pakistan Navy Flotilla visited Muscat for good will and training purposes recently. The flotilla comprising Submarine HURMAT along with sail ship PNS RAHNAWARD and support ship PNS RASADGAR was commanded by Commander Submarines, Commodore Altaf Hussain as Mission Commander.
The ships were welcomed warmly by Royal Navy of Oman (RNO) upon arrival at port Sultan Qaboos.
During the visit, Mission Commander and Commanding Officers of PN ships and submarine held important meetings with various RNO officials. A large number of RNO personnel, Pakistani expatriates in Oman, military/naval attaches and officers from Sultan Armed Forces visited PN units.
The visit was aimed at improving interoperability and strengthening of bilateral ties between the two navies and creating opportunities for learning from each other’s experiences. The visit afforded crews of visiting ships to hold professional interactions with the personnel of Royal Navy of Oman.
On completion of port visit, while leaving Port Sultan Qaboos, PN sail ship RAHNAWARD sailed together with RNO sail ship SHABAB OMAN-II. Both ships also exchanged crew members on this occasion for sharing of experiences in the art of sailing.