New radar spotted onboard Type 909A class weapon trial ship of China

PLA Navy’s Type 909A weapon trials ship Hua Luogeng (892) was seen while testing a new radar system recently.

Video: Weibo

The news that China is developing a new advanced compact radar first appeared in the Chinese press in 2019.

The new radar development studies emerged into the public spotlight on Jan 8, 2019, when its lead scientist, Liu Yongtan, a professor with the department of electric and information engineering at Harbin Institute of Technology, received China’s top science award from President Xi Jinping at a national ceremony.

According to the SCMP article published on Jan 9, 2019,  Chinese military scientists have made significant headway in upgrading China’s radar technology, and are developing an advanced “compact size” radar for the navy’s carrier fleet that will allow it to maintain constant surveillance over an area the size of India. The improved system will enable the Chinese navy to spot incoming threats from enemy ships, aircraft, and missiles much earlier than the existing technology allows.

However, it is not yet known whether the radar seen on the Hua Luogeng (892) is the same radar mentioned above.

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Hua Luogeng (892)

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