Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Egypt begins local manufacturing of MEKO A200 frigate (Updated)

By Mahmoud Gamal On the sidelines of the second edition of Egypt International Defense Exhibition EDEX-2021, the Egyptian military-owned Alexandria shipyard announced that the construction process of the fourth and last Egyptian Navy MEKO A200 frigates has started at the company‚Äôs...

China Unveils a New Ship-based Vertical Launch System (VLS) with a Quad-pack Cell

China unveiled its first type of made-for-export ship-borne vertical launch system at the ongoing Airshow China 2021. The VLS' quad-pack launch cells can load up to four missiles instead of just one, which is one of its most important...

MKS 180 Multi-Purpose Combat Ship

MKS 180, also known as the F126 frigate, is a new multi-purpose combat ship being developed for the German Navy to replace its Brandenburg class frigates, especially in their anti-submarine warfare role if fitted with a modular towed array...

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