Naval Group unveils new system to coordinate the deployment of autonomous vehicles

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The Naval Group, one of the leading naval defense companies of Europe, presents its solution to address the trends of the modern information war at the opening of the Unmanned Systems Exhibition (UMEX), today (23th February) in Abu Dhabi.

Situated in the context of emerging threats, including the use of mines, piracy and cyber attacks, the Naval Group has developed a range of sophisticated solutions to operate unmanned vehicles and protect warship systems to enhance the defense of sovereignty.

Unmanned systems offer many advantages, mitigating personnel risks and increasing the effectiveness of conventional defense resources. Naval Group solutions can integrate all types of autonomous vehicles for deployment above and below water, exploiting their payload to the benefit of the tactical situation, regardless of sea conditions.

The “I4®Drones Mission system” is an independent drone solution, allowing simultaneous operation above and under water and exploration of several drones. Jean-Luc Thouvenel, regional director for the Naval Group said: “Modern trends are well documented in the Middle East and its surrounding waters. We are proud to participate in this event in Abu Dhabi to promote our collaboration with the United Arab Emirates”.

The Naval Group has carried out many years of careful research and development with the French navies and partners, to better understand how the deployment of autonomous vehicles can play an effective role in improving the capabilities of the ship and the safety of the crew.

At UMEX, the Naval Group demonstrates its advanced know-how with the integration of unmanned systems in different environments, showing its ability to equip ships and submarines with aerial, surface and submarine drones.

This technological progress constitutes a new potential for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions, due to the complexity of combat systems and the multiplicity of sensors and interfaces, the integration of unmanned systems requires specific knowledge based on technical knowledge of operational issues and experience. practice derived from naval missions.

Source : Guilherme Wiltgen / Defesa Aérea & Naval

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Naval Group unveils new system to coordinate the deployment of autonomous vehicles 2