Modernized Lynx 95 Helos of the Portuguese Navy Conducts First Flight

Photo Courtesy : Portuguese Navy

The first of the five Super Lynx Mk95 helicopters of the Portuguese Navy, which are in the modernization process at the Leonardo Helicopters (exclusive manufacturer of Lynx) facilities in Yeovil, successfully carried out the first test flight on 14th February, Portuguese Navy announced at official website.

After 23 years of service, the five Super Lynx Mk95 reached half-life in 2015 making it necessary to modernize some of the systems like avionics and engines. On 21 July 2016, the Portuguese Navy has signed a contract with Leonardo Helicopters for the modernization of helicopters, and the modernization project started in September of the same year.

The five helicopters are undergoing structural modifications due to the installation of new engines. In order to upgrade the avionics systems, inertial navigation systems being introduced as well.

The instrument panel and the current rescue winch (Hoist) will also be replaced by a larger capacity electric winch, as well as the installation of a vibration dampening system for the main rotor.

Source : Portuguese Navy & Defesa Aerea&Naval

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Super Lynx Mk95 has been in service for the Portuguese Navy since 1993.