“Meteksan” has completed its missile data link project 

Turkish Defense Company “Meteksan” has completed its KEMENT (Eng: lasso) project  Factory Accaptence Test successfully on Oct.6.
KEMENT is a data link system for missiles. It will add Midcourse Guidance and two way communication capability for all kinds of missiles. At first stage of the project,  Turkish made SOM cruise missiles will have this capability.
The data links provide continuous communication between the launcher platform and the missile in order to enable the operator to command the missile, update the target and transfer image for strike assessment and improve the effectiveness of the missile.
The specifications of data terminal: *Simplex or Duplex communication/data transfer *TRANSEC and COMSEC secure, high speed digital data communication *Resistant to Electronic Warfare (EW) *Small size, weight and power consumption (SWAP) *High reliability *Wrap-around antenna technology optimized according to platform structure *National crypto integrated into terminal *Modular design adaptable to different platforms
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