Malaysia decides to keep working with ASELSAN’s weapon systems

The Remotely Controlled Weapon Systems designed and produced by ASELSAN of Turkey will continue to be in service of the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA), ASELSAN has announced.

The defense system solutions provider of Turkey, ASELSAN, has signed a contract with a Malaysian shipyard in scope of her 30mm SMASH Remote Controlled Weapon System, High Accuracy Stabilized Gimbal (HASG) and Pintle Mounted 12.7mm Machine Gun to be integrated on new Offshore Patrol Vessels of the MMEA.

The delivery of the systems will be completed in 2020.

As of today, ASELSAN products and systems have been exported to 60 countries worldwide, including some EU and NATO member countries. ASELSAN Remote Controlled Weapon Systems are in use of fourteen countries worldwide. The recent contract stands as an indication that, the delivery of ASELSAN Remote Controlled Weapon Systems to Southeast Asian countries will continue in the upcoming years.

ASELSAN SMASH Weapon System :

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SMASH is a remotely operated stabilized weapon station fitted with 30mm Mk44 Bushmaster-II Canon.

SMASH configurations incorporate advanced features as remote operation, built-in electro-optic sensor system and/or separate electro-optic fire control system for autonomous operation, day and night operation, stabilized turret, automatic target tracking (detect, track and fire on the move) and ballistic computation.

SMASH System has a stabilized turret which enables the line-of-sight of the gun to be aimed at the target at all times. Due to the stabilization feature, the system can perform precise firings against stationary or moving targets while the platform is on-the-move.

System can be operated remotely by using the remote gun control unit and hence provides gunner protection against counter fire. Besides, SMASH System is capable of firing 200 rounds per minute with its dual feed 30mm automatic cannon.

SMASH incorporates a separately stabilized electroptical suit which can move in elevation and azimuth axes relative to gun. This ensures effective firing at long distances by enabling line-of-sight stay on the target at all times, even during the firing where ballistic correction is applied to the gun. The separately stabilized electroptical sight also enables surveillance and target tracking without aiming the gun to the target.​