Search for missing Indonesian KRI Nanggala (402) submarine enters the second day

KRI Nanggala (402)
KRI Nanggala (402)

An aerial search found an oil spill near the submarine’s dive location and two navy vessels with sonar capability had been deployed to assist in the search, officials said.

Singapore has deployed a submarine rescue vessel to help with search operations for an Indonesian submarine that has gone missing, the city-state’s defence minister said in a post on social media on Thursday.

“The Republic of Singapore Navy’s MV Swift Rescue – our submarine rescue vessel – was dispatched expeditiously yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon, as fast as she could get ready, after our Navy Chief received a request for assistance from his Indonesian counterpart,” Ng Eng Hen posted on Facebook.

mv swift rescue leaving changi naval base to join the search operations. - naval post- naval news and information
MV Swift Rescue leaving Changi Naval Base to join the search operations.

“The site for search operations, near Bali, is more than 1,500 kilometres away and waters are deep, which is why MV Swift Rescue sailed off as soon as she could.”