Kongsberg sealed contracts to provide ORCCA CMS and Naval Strike Missiles to Germany and Norway

Kongsberg to provide OCCAR CMS and NSM to Germany and Norway
Type-212A submarine (TKMS image)

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS (KONGSBERG) has entered into contracts with Norway and Germany to deliver ORCCA™ combat system elements to the six new 212CD submarines, and the Naval Strike Missile to the two nations’ Navies, Kongsberg announced.

“The deliveries will last way into the 2030s and is an important and strategic milestone that strengthens our foothold in Europe with Germany as an important and near partner. Our cooperation with Germany for submarine technology extends over several decades. With this new and expanded industrial cooperation the partnership is taken to a new level that will have great importance for Norwegian technology development and value creation”, says Geir Håøy, CEO of KONGSBERG.

The contract for NSM is a joint procurement by Norway and Germany valued at 4,404 MNOK (~ $505 million). Germany is the 6th nation to select NSM. For Norway, the contract will serve to replenish and update the current inventory.

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Naval Strike Missile (Kongsberg image)

The contract for the ORCCA™ Combat System is a subcontract from ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems GmbH, the prime contractor for the Type 212CD submarines, to kta naval systems AS. KONGSBERG’s share of the combat system contract is valued at 3,800 MNOK (~ $436 million).

kta naval systems AS was founded in October 2017 as a joint venture between ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems, its Naval Electronic Systems business unit (ATLAS ELEKTRONIK) and Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace. Based on the combined expertise and products of the joint venture partners, kta naval systems with its product family of ORCCA™ Combat Systems will exclusively develop, produce and maintain all future submarine combat systems for ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems submarines.

“This bilateral agreement between Germany and Norway enables expanded industrial cooperation between our two countries. Common NSM and submarine procurement creates many new jobs and value creation in the whole supply chain in Norway for the next decade. Both NSM and the new submarine class represent the most modern and advanced high-end technology equipment that exists in the world today. KONGSBERG is proud to be in the front seat in this journey.”, says Eirik Lie, President, Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace AS.

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