Japan Launches Final Soryu Class Diesel Electric Submarine

JMSDF held the naming and launch ceremony of the newest submarine named “TORYU” at Kobe Works, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. “TORYU” is the 12th of “SOURYU” class submarine.

JS Toryu (with pennant number SS 512) is the second Soryu-class diesel-electric attack submarine (SSK) for the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) equipped with lithium-ion batteries. Toryu is also the 12th and final submarine of the Soryu class and the sixth to be built by KHI, with the other six having been built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI).

Name of “Toryu” means “a fighting dragon” in Japanese language.

Soryu Class Submarine :

Soryu Class diesel-electric submarines have been built since 2005, first six submarines were built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and rest of them were Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation made.

Soryu Class carries a hydrodynamic design based on the Oyashio class submarine. It has a larger displacement than any other submarine class in JMSDF’s service.

The submarine is equipped with Stirling engines for increased propulsion performance and underwater endurance. The engine supports superior submerged operations. The high-performance sonar on-board improves surveillance capabilities. The submarine also features stealth capabilities and enhanced safety measures such as snorkel equipment.

The vessel has an overall length of 84m, a beam of 9.1m and depth of 10.3m. The normal draft of the sub is 8.4m. It has a surfaced displacement of 2,950t and a submerged displacement of 4,200t. Soryu Class complements a crew of 65, including nine officers and 56 enlisted members. The submarine can sail at a surfaced speed of 13kt and a submerged speed of 20kt. It has a maximum range of 6,100nm at 6.5kt speed.

Specifications :

Width 9.1m
Depth 10.3m
Draft 8.4m
Displacement 2,950 Tons
Engine:– Kawasaki 12V 25 / 25SB type diesel engine 2 groups
– Kawasaki Kokkamusu V4-275R Stirling engine four
Propulsion motor1
Number of propellers1
Speed 20 kts
Armament 6 x HU-606 533mm torpedo tubes ( for Type 89 wire guided torpedoes and UGM-84 Harpoon)
Sensors ZPS-6F navigation or surface search radar
Sonar suite (integrates four low-frequency flank arrays, a bow-array, and towed array sonar)