Iranian Alvand Class Frigate Equipped with Indigenous CIWS

Alvand Frigate without CIWS

A dangerous and unstable situation in the Middle East, as well as growing tensions and threats, forces Iran to modernise its military, which is still equipped with systems procured before the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The indigenous defence industry does what it can to meet urgent needs.

Due to international sanctions, Iran is unable to procure any military hardware or even much-needed spare parts. To deal with these problems the local defence industry is trying to modernise the navy with domestic solutions.

As a result of this policy, Iranian Navy equipped Alvand Class Frigate named “Alborz” with indigenously produced Kamand CIWS, which is already in use at Jamaran class frigates, during four months lasted overhaul.

Iranian frigate Alborz, a British-made Vosper Mark V class frigate (known as the Alvand class in Iran), was commissioned in 1971 as part of a four-ship order.

The Kamand is a close-in weapon system (CIWS) developed by the Islamic Republic of Iran to counter anti-ship missiles. The Kamand gun system is able to hit airborne targets at a range of two kilometres firing projectiles at a rate of 4,000 to 7,000 rounds per minute.