INS Kadmatt on Overseas Deployment to Indonesia

Indian warship INS Kadmatt arrived Belawan, Indonesia on Nov 30.
The 3-day long visit to Indonesia is to commemorate 25 years of INDO-ASEAN Partnership and is aimed to further strengthen the bilateral ties between the two nations and is one among an on-going series of artistic, cultural and people-to-people events to celebrate this important milestone in the INDO-ASEAN relationship.
During the visit, INS Kadmatt will engage Indonesian Naval Personnel in formal calls and professional interaction.  Social and sporting engagements are also included between naval personnel of both navies to build bonhomie. Apart from interactions at harbour, exercises are also planned with Indonesian Naval Ships on her departure from Belawan.
Both the navies have had regular interactions through various forums such as Coordinated Patrolling (CORPAT), MILAN, KOMODO and other bilateral exercises.
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