UPDATED: Indonesian Navy lost communication with the submarine after training

Indonesian Navy
KRI Nanggala

The Indonesian Navy has been searching for a missing submarine with 53 sailors on board. The submarine failed to report back after an Anti-submarine Warfare training.

According to the Indonesian Navy spokesman, First Admiral, Julius Widjojono, The submarine was taking part in a torpedo drill in North Bali waters but failed to relay the results of the exercise as expected.

As a standard procedure, the submarine had to report back after the training, in order to make sure that it is safe.

KRI Nanggala (402) is the second submarine in the Cakra class submarine and is under the control of the Indonesian Eastern Fleet Command’s Submarine Unit. She was built in Germany in 1981. The diesel-electric submarine Nanggala is 59.5 meters long, has a cruising speed of 21.5 knots. She has a displacement of 1400 tons.

UPDATE: According to the Indonesian government, the submarine’s last positions is in the Bali Sea off the coast of Surabaya, about 95 kilometres (60 mi) north of Bali, an area where the water is reportedly around 700 metres (2296 ft) deep. In the announcement, the Indonesian government announced a search party of warships and specialized divers was being deployed and revealed they had requested the assistance of the governments of Singapore and Australia to aid in the search. Soon after, the Republic of Singapore Navy submarine support and rescue vessel (SSRV) Swift Rescue was reported to have deployed to the Bali Sea.

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Swift Rescue Vessel of Singapore

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