PT PAL Indonesia in Search of Indonesian Future Frigate Design

Image: Babcock

By Narendra Dirgantara

The Indonesian state-owned enterprise PT PAL Indonesia and the Ministry of Defense held a meeting for ongoing projects and procurement of new frigates on March 31, 2021.

The topics discussed at the meeting were the development of the Sampari Class Fast Attack Crafts (KCR60M) and the procurement of the new frigates, which are planned to be built by PT. PAL Indonesia (Persero) Surabaya.

Representatives of PT PAL Indonesia said that the construction of the KCR 60 M ship was affected by the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic, and several construction activities weren’t carried out on time. However still, it can meet the delivery time according to the agreement. 

Indonesian Future Frigate

For the procurement of the new frigate, the Director of Ship Building PT. PAL Indonesia (Persero) said that “PT. PAL Indonesia is still examining the design of the British Babcock Frigate, and it is preparing for an alternative step by making its own design which will be assisted by MTG-Marinetechnik from Germany and FIGES from Turkey. The ship’s design will fulfill the requirement of the Indonesian Navy, and later it plans to sell it to another countries. Many options meet the Indonesian Navy’s frigate fleet, but they are working for the best option. We hope that rather the government or the Navy will confidently buy the ship.”

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Babcock Desing Type 31 Frigate

On occasion, the Ministry of Defense conveyed several directions, including the need for good coordination between the Ministry of Defense, the Indonesian Navy, and PT. PAL Indonesia so that shipbuilding activities can run as expected.

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