Indonesian corvette holds maritime drills with Turkish naval assets

Photo Courtesy: Turkish DoD

After completing Mersin port visit, Indonesian Diponegoro-class corvette KRI Sultan Hasanuddin (pennant number:366) conducted passing exercises (PASSEX) with Turkish warships TCG Bandırma (pennant number: F-502) and TCG Tufan (pennant number: P-333) on 29th September off the coast of Mersin.

KRI Sultan Hasanuddin is currently under the operational control of UNIFIL Maritime Task Force and visited Mersin for logistic requirements. During the visit, the crew conducted the joint diving operation with Turkish coast guard divers in the vicinity of Mersin International Port (MIP) on 28th September. Before diving, KRI Sultan Hasanuddin Health Team checked the status and the equipment of the divers.

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Photo from DIVEX

During PASSEX, the participating ships conducted flag hoisting exercise, close manoeuvers including Replenishment at Sea approaches and advanced manoeuvring exercise. These drills aimed to maintain and improve the capability of both country’s crews and also enhance cooperation and good relationship between two navies. After the PASSEX, KRI Sultan Hasanuddin proceeded to the Area of Maritime Operation (AMO) UNIFIL to continue her mission.

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D’Estienne d’Orves-class aviso TCG Bandırma

Turkish corvette TCG Bandırma is also UNIFIL Maritime Task Force while TCG Tufan is currently conducting Operation Mediterranean Shield at the region.

KRI Sultan Hasanuddin is SIGMA 9113 types of the Netherlands-designed Sigma family of a modular naval vessel. She has been serving for the Indonesian Navy since 2007. With a displacement of 1,700 tons, the 90.71-meter long warship can reach a maximum speed of 28 knots and cruise over a distance of around 500 kilometres at 10 knots.

She is equipped with a comprehensive combat and communication suite fitted on a spacious platform accommodating 80 persons, a large helicopter deck and twin-screw diesel propulsion. The superior propulsion and sea keeping capabilities make the SIGMA class Corvettes perfectly suited for maritime search and patrol operations in the Indonesian territorial waters. Basic functions are Naval Patrol EEZ, Deterrence, Search And Rescue and ASW.

KRI Sultan Hasanuddin is equipped with Oto Melara 76 mm gun, she can launch TETRAL Surface to Air Missile and Exocet MM40 Block-II anti-ship missile. She can fire EuroTorp Mu 90 torpedoes for ASW purposes.

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KRI Sultan Hasanuddin