India will Host INDRA-2019 Joint Exercise

The joint Russian-Indian military exercise Indra 2019 is planned to be held at one of the training grounds of the Republic of India.

“It is already known that the Indra exercise will take place this December at a training ground in India. It will be held in a multi-service format, in other words, it will include the land, air and naval components,” the press service said in a statement.

On Wednesday (17th July), the city of Ussuriisk in Russia’s Far Eastern region of Primorye hosts the first preparatory conference, during which the Eastern Military District command and a delegation of the Indian armed forces are to discuss the scenario and location of the exercise, as well as other issues.

A total of 500 Russian and Indian servicemen participate in the Indra international maneuvers in 2018, held at the Babina range in India’s state of Uttar-Pradesh state. During the exercise, the sides trained a joint peacekeeping mission, coordination between command staffs and units of ground forces and tactical actions against illegal armed groups.