Hellenic Navy frigate HS HYDRA leaves Operation IRINI due to technical problems

According to the Greek local press, Hellenic Navy’s MEKO-200HN-class frigate HS Hydra (F-452), that has been participating EUNAVFOR-led Operation IRINI, had to return Souda Naval Base on 26th May due to some technical defects. HS HYDRA has been contributing the Operation IRINI since 12th May.

Another MEKO-200HN-class frigate HS SPETSAI (F-453) has been getting prepared to replace HS HYDRA. Before participating in the Operation IRINI, the assets need to be trained specifically for this mission at the Naval Tactical Training Center embarked in the Souda Base.

EUNAVFOR MED IRINI started its operation at sea with the French frigate Jean Bart and a maritime patrol aircraft contributed by Luxembourg on May 4, 2020.

Seven countries are actively participating in the operation including Italy, Greece, France, Germany, Poland, Malta and Luxembourg.

IRINI, (Greek for “peace”), has as its core task the implementation of the UN arms embargo through the use of aerial, satellite and maritime assets. In particular, the mission will be able to carry out inspections of vessels on the high seas off the coast of Libya suspected to be carrying arms or related material to and from Libya in accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 2292 (2016).