Hellenic Navy and NATO assets conduct Niriis-2020 exercise in the Mediterranean

The participants conducted advanced maneuvers within the scope of the exercise

Hellenic Navy and assets from NATO Standing Naval Maritime Group-2 conducted Niriis-2020 naval exercise between 17 and 19 November at the South of Crete island. The exercise was held under the instructions of Hellenic National Defence General Staff and planned by the Hellenic Navy General Staff.

Hellenic Navy participated the exercise with two frigates, two fast attacking crafts and a submarine, Hellenic Air force attended the drills with four F-16 jets as well. Two frigates and a replenishing tanker from NATO Standing Naval Maritime Group-2 took part in the exercise.

The aim of the exercise was promulgated as to train the participants in technical and tactical objectives aiming at the preservation and upgrading of the operational readiness and the fighting skills on a national and alliance level.

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Satellite view of the exercise area (Source: Aegean Hawk)