Hard cruise to the U.K: HNLMS Rotterdam struggles in heavy seas

HNLMS Rotterdam

Royal Netherland’s Navy’s Amphibious Transport Vessel Rotterdam has faced heavy seas during her voyage to the Plymouth for Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST). While most of the ships are in the port due to the Storm Ciara, which battered North-West Europe with winds of up to 100mph, HNLMS Rotterdam decided to proceed to Plymouth for its incoming training period. 

During her trip ship faced the waves about 12 meters high.  During anchoring on the south coast of England, she lost one of its anchors (See the Twitter video below). There were no injuries, and there was no other damage to HNLMS Rotterdam.

The FOST period comes after its mid-life modernization period, and it is essential for the ship and crew to become ready for any kind operation/deployment.

HNLMS Rotterdam had a year-long mid-life upgrade in Amsterdam and Den Helder. During the modernization period; the propeller shafts were removed and maintained, pipelines were replaced, a ballast water cleaning system was added, the ship was painted, new cables were laid, and two new masts were installed, both the Combat Information Center and the amphibious command centre have been converted. These have been merged into one and the rooms have been provided with new equipment. The old DA08 radar replaced with Thales NS106 AESA radar. In addition to that, the Rotterdam also received the Thales Gatekeeper, an H.D. camera system. One camera is placed under the bridge, three others to the rear and side. This way, a 360-degree view can continuously be provided.

HNLMS Rotterdam will attend FOST until mid-March. 

 Source: https://marineschepen.nl

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HNLMS Rotterdam Source: Royal Netherlands Navy
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