Greece-hosted ARIADNE-21 multinational MCM exercise conducted in the Gulf of Patras

Photo courtesy of the Hellenic Navy

Greece-hosted ARIADNE-21 multinational mine countermeasures (MCM) exercise was conducted between 27 March-04 April in the Gulf of Patras with the participation of Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group-2 (SNMCMG-2), the Hellenic Navy announced.

The Participating units:

  • Greece: HS Hydra (Frigate), HS Evropi (MCM), HS Nikiforos (Patrol Boat)
  • SNMCMG2: TCG Sokullu Mehmet Paasa (Turkish Navy-Command Ship), TCG Ayvalik (Turkish Navy), FS Orion (French Navy), ESPS Tajo (Spanish Navy), BGS Tsibar (Bulgarian Navy), ITS Termoli (Italian Navy)
  • Romanian Navy: ROS Alexandru C─âtuneanu (hydrographic survey ship)
  • Egypt and Romania: Explosive Ordnance Disposal Teams, Air Force aircraft, observer officers

During the sea phase of the exercise, hydrographic surveys, rescue exercises, towing, tactical manoeuvres and complex communication exercises were conducted in accordance with Alliance procedures.

Hosted by Greece, the ARIADNE exercise has been conducted annually, including multi-domain warfare serials, with emphasis on Mine Warfare in order to maintain and increase the operational readiness and promote the level of cooperation of the participants.

The previous iteration of the ARIADNE exercise was conducted in June 2020.

Combined MCM operations during Ariadne-21 exercise (Credit: Hellenic Navy)