Gotland-class submarine HSwMS Uppland relaunched

Saab relaunched  Swedish Navy’s Gotland-class HSwMS Uppland today (June 19). Two of the Gotland-class submarines have now concluded comprehensive mid-life upgrades (MLU) and are equipped to face the challenges of tomorrow.

The mid-life upgrade consists of modifications, replacement and upgrades of on-board systems and technologies, sustaining the submarine´s operability and ensuring service to Sweden for many years to come.

More than 20 new systems on-board the new Gotland-class will be implemented in the state of the art A26 (The Blekinge-class)

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The upgrade process entails many important systems, such as the Stirling AIP, a complete new mast suite, sonars and sensors as well as management and communication systems.

Facts about the MLU of Uppland
Length overall 62 m
Beam 6,2 m
Displacement 1580 tons (surfaced)
Propulsion Diesel-electric and Stirling AIP
Crew 25
Improved capabilities; Stirling AIP MkIII, Masts, Sensors, Communications and Special Ops, weapons.
Compliant with new rules and regulations: IMO, Security, Crew Comfort
End-of-life and obsolescence issues.
Experience based improvements

HSwMS Uppland was designed and built by Kockums in Malmö in the early 1990’s and commissioned in 1997.