Elbit improves autonomy and safety of Seagull USV

Seagull USV of Elbit systems

Elbit Systems introduces new technologies on-board the Seagull Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) further enhancing its capability to operate autonomously in a busy maritime environment and to overcome communication challenges, Elbit systems announced.

A 360-degrees Panoramic Video System with an Automatic Target Recognition capability and a patented Automatic Navigation System, complement the USV’s Sense and Avoid capability, enabling the vessel to operate in compliance with the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972 (COLREGs). This enables the USV to operate safely in dense harbors, at sea with heavy traffic and autonomously complete missions even without communications with the control station.

Seagull USV demonstrates 360-degrees Panoramic Video System with Automatic Target Recognition and Automatic Navigation (Credit: Elbit Systems)

Seagull USV:

Seagull is a multi-mission USV that features a modular mission payload suite supporting Anti-Submarine Warfare, Mine Countermeasure missions, Electronic Warfare, Maritime Security, underwater surveys and other missions using the same vessel, mission control system and data links.

The Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) capability provides the navy with a significant tactical advantage by effectively deterring and threatening enemy submarines using an available asset with significantly lower risk.

Featuring switchable, modular mission payload suites, it can perform ASW and MCM, electronic warfare (EW), maritime security (MS), hydrography, and other missions using the same vessels, mission control system and data links.

Drawing on decades of Elbit Systems’ unmanned systems experience and leadership, it offers navies a true force multiplier. Seagull delivers enhanced performance to naval operations, reducing risk to human life and dramatically cutting procurement and operating costs.

The 12m Seagull USV is easily deployed from port or mother ship and can be transported in a 40 ft container.

The Seagull USV is in service with the Israeli Navy since 2017 and is currently in the production and deployment phase internationally.