Egypt conducts large scale exercise HASM-2020

Harpoon Missile launched by O.H.Perry class frigate during HASM-2020

Amid the escalated tension in the region, Egyptian Armed Forces commenced the large scale military exercise near the Libya border dubbed as HASM-2020 with the attendance of Egyptian Navy and Air Force on 9th July, Egyptian local press and defence journalists shared.

During the multi-forced coordinated exercise, Egyptian naval assets conducted several naval activities in the Mediterranean within HASM-2020 military drills including firing RGM-48/UGM-84 anti-ship missiles from frigates, corvettes, FMCs & submarines. A decommissioned Polnocny-class landing ship used as a real target for RGM-84 Harpoon missile fired from one of the navy’s surface vessels during HASM-2020 drills.

Hitting moment of the Harpoon missile to the decommissioned landing ship.

In the scope of HASM-2020, the Egyptian navy also conducted an amphibious assault exercises from the Mistral-class LHD using it’s landing crafts to deploy the SOF units & Mechanized troops on the shore under the assistance of Egyptian air force.

Turkish Navy has been deploying more that 7-8 naval assets off coast of the Libya for several months. This exercise is concerned as the intention of the Egyptian Armed Forces to show presence at the region by the local defence specialists.

The videos released by the Egyptian Ministry of Defence as follows ;