Dynamic Mariner 2019 is Commenced with Participation of 18 NATO Allies

The NATO Maritime Command-led Dynamic Mariner/Flotex-19 (DYMR/FL19) is an exercise that tests NATO’s Response Force Maritime Component and enhances the flexibility and interoperability amongst allied nations. DYMR/FL19 involves ships, submarines, aircraft and personnel from fifteen allied nations converging off the coast of Spain between 8th and 18th September 2019.

The Dynamic Mariner/ Flotex-19 (DYMR/FL19) multinational maritime exercise has been commenced off the coast of Spain (Alboran Sea) with the participation of 18 NATO members, the alliance’s Maritime Command announced in a press release on Monday (7th October).

The aim of the exercise is to test NATO’s Response Force Maritime Component (NRF/M) and interoperability with NATO forces, enhancing flexibility and interoperability amongst Allied nations. It runs between 7-18 October.

The exercise includes 32 surface ships, 2 submarines, and 18 air assets, including maritime patrol aircraft and helicopters, the release said.

Assets and personnel come from Albania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States, the release noted.

The NATO Maritime Command includes two standing maritime groups on active duty, according to the release.

We will keep sharing news and media during the exercise.

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Participating Units of Dynamic Mariner 2019 Exercise