Chinese Navy supply ship refuels three ships at once

Credit: by Zhou Qiqing

PLA Navy (Chinese Navy) supply ship HONGHU 963 refueling three ships at once on 7 Feb in waters of Pacific Ocean.

The comprehensive supply ship Honghu (Hull 963) transferred solid and liquid cargoes simultaneously to the guided-missile destroyer Hefei (Hull 174), the guided-missile frigate Yuncheng (Hull 571), and the amphibious transport dock Changbaishan (Hull 989) during the replenishment-at-sea.

Underway refuelling is called replenishment-at-sea (or RAS), which requires a number of complex manoeuvres that requires ships to maintain a steady course and speed for a number of hours. Doing it with three ships requires big expertise. BZ.

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Photo credit: by Zhou Qiqing