China deploys guided-missile destroyer to Japan naval review


PLA Navy is to deploy a Type 052D guided-missile destroyer to Japan’s naval review.

China’s state-owned CCTV reported Monday (Oct 7) the “Taiyuan” guided-missile destroyer left the port of Ningbo-Zhoushan to participate Japan Naval Review.

The Type 052D has a displacement of 7,500 tons.The destroyer included 200 crew members and one helicopter.

The Taiyuan is China’s 10th Type 052D destroyer and was first deployed last December. The destroyer’s commander said the Taiyuan’s deployment to Japan’s naval review will lead to “greater trust and understanding” between Asia’s largest economies.

China is sending the Taiyuan to the naval review after Japan deployed the Suzutsuki desyroyer to a Chinese naval review in April, marking the Chinese navy’s 60th anniversary.

China is attending the Japanese naval review upon invitation. Japan did not invite South Korea. South Korean news service Newsis reported Monday Japan declined to invite South Korea amid trade tensions and disputes over compensation for Korean forced laborers during World War II.

China is seeking to improve ties with Japan at a time when Beijing is preparing for a new round of trade talks with the United States.


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