The Chilean Navy’s New Support Vessel, Janequeo, arrives in Valparaíso

The Chilean Navy receives the new ATF-65 Janequeo support vessel
The Chilean Navy receives the new ATF-65 Janequeo tugboat

The Chilean Navy‘s new Anchor Handling Towing Supply & Standby Vessel (AHTSSV) ATF-65 Janequeo arrived in Valparaíso/Chile on February 22, after sailing 11,000 nautical miles through the Indian and Pacific oceans.

The ship was built by the Indian shipyard Larsen & Toubro Shipbuilding.

The acquisition of AHTSSV, for a value of 11.5 million dollars, was carried out through the U.S. Department of Defense Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and was managed by the Naval Sea Systems Command (Navsea).

The new ship replaces the ATF-68 Leucotón Withdrawn from service in 2008 and its incorporation allows the Chilean Navy to increase its rescue and salvage capabilities.

ATF-65 Janequeo Images: Twitter/Aditya_G_Social

Janequeo ATF-65

Displacement: 2500 tons

Lenght: 70 m

Width: 19 m

Draught: 6.2 m

Designer: Win Marine

Builder: Larsen & Toubro Yard No.: 71010

The ship is expected to be commissioned on 25 February 2021.

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