Brazil’s first submarine of Prosub program completes first independent dive successfully

Photo Credit: Naval Group

The Riachuelo, the first Brazilian submarine in the Prosub program, successfully completed her first independent dive down to safety depth during the night of Friday to Saturday, off Sepetiba Bay near Rio, Naval Group announced.

A success eagerly awaited by all the front office teams of Naval Group and ICN (the joint venture Itaguaï Construções Navais) in Brazil, at Itaguaï and Rio, and by all the back office teams at Cherbourg, Ollioules, Nantes-Indret, Brest, Angoulême-Ruelle and Saint-Tropez who have been working together for nearly 12 years to bring this program.

“Congratulations to all the teams in Brazil and France who have been working together on this program, demonstrating – for more than 10 years now – Naval Group and ICN’s ability to support their Brazilian customers in the design and construction of their future submarines,” declared Pierre Éric Pommellet.

For nearly 12 years, the Prosub program has involved more than 3,000 French and Brazilian employees, whether in the design and construction of conventional submarines (SBR), or in assistance with the design of the future nuclear-powered submarine (SNBR) or in the design of Itaguaï naval base. It also involves – along with other French and local suppliers as well as our partners – our crew training subcontractor Navfco.

“This technical success represents, above all, an accomplishment and a magnificent reward for an exceptional human adventure!” commented Sébastien Roulland, the programme’s Whole Warship Architect, as he disembarked after this key first for the programme.

The other three Scorpene submarines – Humaitá (S41), Tonelero (S42), and Angostura (S43) – are currently at different stages of construction. Humaitá is expected to be launched in mid-December.