Brazilian Navy reclassifies Atlantico amphibious ship as aircraft carrier


According to an article shared by Defesa Aérea&Naval, the Brazilian Navy completed the modernization of amphibious assault ship Atlantico on 12th November. After the modernization, the ship will be able to operate with fixed-wing medium-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicles as well as crewed tiltrotor VTOL aircraft.

After the modernization, the Brazilian Navy decided to reclassify the helicopter carrier “Atlantico” as an aircraft carrier.

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Photo Courtesy : Guilherme Wiltgen / Defesa Aérea & Naval

The Atlantico was procured in 2018 for a value of £84 million from the United Kingdom, where it has operated since 1995. With 203 meters in length and 21,600 tons of displacement, the vessel was used as a platform for helicopters on amphibious assault missions. Despite the new name, the ship has no characteristics to be considered an aircraft carrier, such as catapult or ski-jump takeoff systems.

The Brazilian Navy, however, has among its goals of the strategic plan for the year 2040 to count on a new aircraft carrier in addition to modern fighters. Currently, the small detachment of A-4 (A-1F) jets is based on land after Sao Paulo’s retirement.

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An illustration of the air operations of Atlantico after modernization (Image Source: Defesa Aérea & Naval)
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