Brazil and Peru Continues Negotiations over Exchanging Warships

According to the local press of Brazil, Vice President of Brazil Hamilton Mourão, who is holding the Presidency of the Republic, is scheduled to make 2 days visit to Peru between 23-25 October.

The purpose of the visit is to finalize the talks and sign an agreement to exchange warships between the two navies.

“I’m going to Peru on Wednesday afternoon, in principle, if all is well. I was invited by the Peruvian government, there is an agreement that will be signed there between our Navy and the Peruvian Navy for a boat exchange. I will meet the president of the council of ministers and the Peruvian president, ”said Mourão.

It is speculated that the Brazilian Navy could lease two Tupi-class submarines for a Peruvian-built Makassar-Class Landing Platform Dock, whose War Marina del Peru operates as the BAP Pisco (AMP-156) which was built locally by the SIMA shipyard (Servicios Industriales de la Marina SA), under license from the South Korean shipyard Daesun.

It has not yet been disclosed how this negotiation will take place and whether there will be any payment by the parties involved to complete the negotiation of the vessels.

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