Australian Navy conducts passage exercise with Philippine Navy assets

Australian Navy
HMAS Sirius sails past Philippine Navy ship BRP Emilio Jacinto during a passage exercise in the Sulu Sea. (Credit:Australian Navy)

Royal Australian Navy ships Anzac and Sirius have completed two separate passage exercises with vessels from the Philippine Navy as part of a two-month deployment throughout the north-east Indian Ocean and South-East Asia, Australian Navy announced.

The first passage exercise was recently conducted at dawn with the BRP Juan Magluyan, a Jose Andrada-class patrol boat.

The second passage exercise was completed later that day with BRP Emilio Jacinto, the Philippine Navy’s Jacinto-class corvette’s lead ship.

Australian Navy’s bilateral relationship with the Philippines is one of the nation’s longest-standing relationships.

This year the two countries celebrate 75 years of diplomatic ties.

Commanding Officer Anzac Commander Brendan Horn said the Philippines’ latest bilateral activity was part of both nations’ commitment to regional maritime security.

“The Philippines and Australia have a long-held Defence partnership, and it was an honor to be welcomed by and exercise with the Philippine Navy,” Commander Horn said.

“We were able to demonstrate our interoperability through communication, navigation, and various ship handling routines.

australian navy
Philippine Navy corvette BRP Emilio Jacinto 

“We will continue to look for opportunities to work closely together in support of our shared commitment to an open, inclusive, and prosperous Indo-Pacific region.”

Led by Anzac, the Royal Australian Navy task group will conduct several further bilateral and multilateral activities, including participating in Exercise La Perouse, a French-led multilateral maritime exercise in the north-east Indian Ocean.

Anzac and Sirius departed Western Australia for the two-month deployment throughout the north-east Indian Ocean and South-East Asia in early March.