ASELSAN to Develop new Communication System for Submarines

ASELSAN, one of the main companies of Turkish defense industry, provided communication system management for submarine platform for the first time for indigenous Submarine Project, Type-214TN.

Within the scope of the project, Integrated Communication System factory acceptance test was successfully completed with the participation of Navy Command, Presidency of Defense Industry Presidency and main contractor thyssenkrupp Marine Systems. As a result, ASELSAN communication system solution for the submarine platform was procured for the first time.

Integrated Communication System, which covers all subsystems needed for external and internal communication, provides voice and data communication underwater and above.

At the end of tests of Integrated Communication Systems,
– Radio Systems (including tactical data links (Link11 and Link22))
– Satellite Communication System
– Friendly Enemy Recognition / Identification System (IFF)
– Communication Control System
– User Terminals
– Message Operating System
– Data Modems, Emergency Communication Equipment
– Power Distribution System
– Operator Consoles Cooling System
– Consoles and Distribution Units subsystems were accepted.

At project, 63 interface agreements were signed with the main subcontractors of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems. The submarine platform has been adapted to the requirements of environmental conditions such as shock, acoustics, EMI / EMC, which are critical for privacy and survival.

Integrated Communication System will be installed on the six new Reis-class Type 214TN air-independent propulsion (AIP) submarines currently under construction at Gölcük Naval Dockyard.

With the New Type Submarine Project carried out by the Presidency of Defense Industry for the needs of the Turkish Navy Command, the ability to perform long-term operations with an air-independent propulsion system and confidentiality, high-speed advanced torpedoes, guided projectiles capable of launching to surface targets (including land). submarine will be procured. The submarines are planned to be used in the fleet as of year 2021.

ASELSAN has been developing system solutions to meet the radio and communication needs of military institutions since the early 1980s. Military communication systems are designed by the company in compliance with the latest standards to meet the various communication needs of users working on military platforms. The company, combining up-to-date experience and current technological developments, offers uninterrupted, secure, economical and fast communication solutions to users.

Here is a presentation video of ASELSAN Company;