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Experience: Innovation. Added value. They are the keys that have defined ARESA INTERNATIONAL GROUP since 1961 when under the name Astilleros Reunidos, the firm was incorporated in Arenys de Mar (Barcelona). The brand is dedicated to the construction, repair, and maintenance, services, and marketing of all types of commercial vessels up to 60 meters in length in composite materials and Marine Aluminium.

The ARESA INTERNATIONAL GROUP has built up an extensive portfolio of projects in the shipbuilding sector that exceed over 1,200 units, in the military, civil, and private sectors. The development of R & D has enabled the company to differentiate itself in the shipbuilding market, building products that have become industry benchmarks for their quality and innovative features.

The History

National Leader on Shipbuilding ( 1961- 1980 )

Under the brand ARESA, the group has established itself as a national leader in yacht building this period, with a presence in all tradeshows the first projects export of vessels to other European countries start, being the genesis of his later development of the current business model.

Consolidation in the Defense Market (1981- 2000 )

In the early ’80s ARESA sign an important contract with the Spanish Navy to supply more than 30 coastal patrol units of different models, this project became the consolidation of the company inside the defense market, and the company starts to focus on Defense and Military projects outside Spain. The presence of the company, in the international, became stronger with time and allow the company to achieve, in the future,  some unique and important Defense projects.


Units Build : 18

Customer : Spanish Navy Year : 1982-1990


Units Build : 12

Customer : Spanish Navy

Year : 1986 – 1991

In the same period, the 90’s, ARESA sign an important contract with the Senegal Maritime police for the construction of 15 units of the model ARESA 1200 Coastal Patrol which become the first international Defense project for the company.

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Customized Government Projects (2000- 2018 )

In the last 15 years the group has focused all its efforts on consolidating its international expansion by specializing in complete “ Turn Key “ government projects of great significance.

One of the most important projects executed by Group Aresa International was the  “ Renew Program Coastal fleet “ for the Cameroon Navy ( 2010-2013 )

Customer : Cameroon Ministry of Defense

Renew Program: 2010-2013

Total Value : 35 Million Euros

Scope of Supply : 17 Defense Vessels +

High Tech Aluminum & GRP Department

GRUP ARESA INT is specialized in Aluminum and High Tech GRP  high speed defense crafts , using multiple different construction systems to build this vessels with the highest special requirements .

This know-how  allow us the achieve the highest structural properties in our “ high speed crafts “ with speed requirements over + 60 knots .

As an example, the  BLACK FALCON Project, actually in construction ( 10 units )  in our facilities, for the Royal Saudi Navy Forces, is the best prove of our high experience in this type of high-speed craft for defense use.

The ARESA BLACK FLACON is a unique vessel in the market actually, with a much higher payload and cargo capacity than any other vessels in the same length ( 14 meters ) have incredible stability in rough seas at speeds over +60 knots.

International Presence

The ARESA INTERNATIONAL GROUP is a leader in the international shipbuilding industry with over 30 years’ experience in the international market, and in the production and application of added value to products. Proof of the Group’s export capacity is provided by the fact that 90% of its production is sold on the international markets, and the Group specialized in the implementation of government projects.

The group focus is activity in GCC and African countries and is exploring new areas of activity constantly .

Among the most important customer we can find :

  • Royal Saudi Navy Forces
  • Nigerian Navy
  • Spanish Navy
  • Bahrain Defense Forces
  • Cameroon Navy
  • Angola Maritime Police
  • And many others.

Constantly Searching New Limits

Our group is constantly expanding is activity to search new challenges and launch more modern and advanced products .

Our Actual capability of the building goes up to 60 meters ( in 3 different hangars )  in our headquarter in Barcelona ( Spain ), a part of other production centers in different parts of our country.

This 2020 our main facility has been upgraded and increased its capacity with 2000 m2 extra, with an actual size of 20.000 m2 in total,  and a new 100 meters dock area.

We recently presented 2 of our bigger model vessels in the Defense sector , as the ARESA 5000 OPV “ The Guardian “  and the ARESA 5000 LD “ THE Transporter “ .


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